Pitch-Space Team

Peter Marsh

Peter Marsh

Cofounder, Flywheel

Peter conceived of Pitch-Space as a way to help startups and investors stay connected during the pandemic of 2020. 

He is an investor himself and was on the founding team of the New Ventures inception stage investment program.​

Peter conducts office hours and teaches Lean Startup practices through the Flywheel course curriculum.


Andrea Howell

Andrea Howell

Director of Flywheel Community Networks

Andrea manages operations at all Flywheel locations and is the heart and soul of the Flywheel Community.

Andrea manages the Pitch-Space operations and helps with member accounts and recording sessions.


Erin McHugh

Erin McHugh

Director of Operations, Pitch-Space.com

The core mission of the Flywheel is to accelerate economic development through an inclusive approach to entrepreneurship.​

Erin works directly with Pitch-Space startups to prepare them for live pitch events and to manage their account profiles.